Competition Team


Pacific Dance Center's Competition Team is a great opportunity for dancers who love to perform! As a member of the team, dancers will compete in regional dance competitions and participate in dance conventions.  To be a member of the Competition Team, dancers will need to be 11 years and older and enrolled in regular classes at Pacific Dance Center.  Team members are required to take Ballet, Modern, and Jazz and any other class that they would like to participate in for competition.  In addition to these class requirements there will be team rehearsal on Sundays.    While we will always strive for the best and keep our eye on the prize we will always remember that the journey is most important.  The skills and expertise that will be embedded in the girls will create masters of art and ultimately leave them better dancers, feeling more accomplished and also with a vault of unmatchable memories. Those dancers participating in the public schools Independent PE program will fulfill their competition requirements for their school credit.

Competition dance requires a high level of commitment from both the dancer and the parents. It is also a significant financial expense.  A Parent  packet will  be given at the audition. It will list the  expected commitment, the tentative schedule and expected expenses associated with being a member of PDC’s competition team.

 V.I.P. Dates 

October 2018 to March 2019 at PDC

Dates and times will be broken down, once the dancers are placed into specific dances. 

 Highlights from our 2017 Team 

NUVO: January 13-15, 2017

    Tap- "Bubble Gum" High Gold 

    Teen Ballet "Paint it Black" - High Silver

    Teen Contemporary "Over My Head" - Gold

    Junior Jazz "In My Pocket" - Gold 

    Junior Ballet "Jumping Over Puddles" - Gold 

    Kristen's Ballet Solo "Satanella Variation" - Gold 

    Hayden's Ballet Solo "Raymonda Variation" - High Gold


Showstopper: February 17-20, 2017

    Teen Tap Duet "Bubble Gum" - 1st Place, Platinum 

    Teen Pointe "Paint it Black" - 1st Place, Platinum 

    Teen Contemporary "Over My Head" - 2nd Place, Double Platinum 

    Junior Jazz "In My Pocket" - 5th Place, Gold 

    Junior Ballet "Jumping Over Puddles" - 1st Place, Platinum  

    Taytum's Ballet Solo "Napoli Variation" - 1st Place, Double Platinum 


Hall of Fame: March 25-26, 2017

   Tap- "Bubble Gum" High Gold 

   Teen Ballet "Paint it Black" - 1st Place, High Gold

   Teen Contemporary "Over My Head" - 1st place, High Gold

   Junior Jazz "In My Pocket" - High Gold 

   Junior Ballet "Jumping Over Puddles" - High Gold 

    Kristen's Ballet Solo "Satanella Variation" - High Gold 

    Hayden's Ballet Solo "Raymonda Variation" - 1st Place, Platinum 

    Katie's Ballet Solo "Swan Lake Variation" - 1st Place, High Gold

    Grace's Ballet Solo "Odalisque Variation" - 1st Place, High Gold